TKEP002 | Pasajes de la tarde EP

In this second release Linga blesses TECHKILLA with his beautyfull deep techno soul tech-step track called "pasajes de la tarde" and a remix by rifhes from a clasic MOD drum and bass tune called "Aftertouch" released on in 1997 by substance.

Release date: 27-Jul-2005

A: Linga - Pasajes de la tarde

Composed and produced by Manrico Montero a.k.a. Linga

MP3 | OGG | 64K

B: Substance - Aftertouch (Rifhes remix)

Composed and produced by Ricardo Yanez a.k.a. Rifhes
original tune by Substance

MP3 | OGG | 64K | VBR

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