The Future Sound of Mexico vol. 2

The volume 2 of The Future Sound of Mexico explores all the different directions in bass music aesthetics from atmospheric jungle to progressive and futuristic neurofunk; from heavy progressive dubstep to creazy glitch hop basslines. 20 master pieces compiled by TECHKILLA Recordings carefully selected from the most talented producers of the moment in Mexico.

TKLP002 | V.A. - The Future Sound of Mexico vol. 2


01.Devils And Gods - Lucy's Song
Composed by Mauricio Jonathan Macias García

02.Thark - Truth Feelings
Composed by Alejandro Flores Gaona

03.Infragment - Existencia
Composed by Aauricio Becerra Torres (nicolas Pauccar Voz)

04.Construktor - Jammin
Composed by David Bervera Castillo

05.Rainforest - Reborn In Winter
Composed by Rodrigo Alvarez

06.Insano - Cross the line (feat. Megazimze)
Composed by Ivan Acosta Madrid

07.Viewer + Rob Barrosso - Long Gone
EComposed by dwart Armando Hernandez Zermeño and Roberto Barroso Fernández

08.Post Effect - Sky
Composed by Juan Pablo Mariño

09.Isaac Maya + Insano - Fly Free
Composed by Isaac Maya and Ivan Acosta Madrir

10.Vorhxz - Interstellar
Composed by Rodrigo Parra

11.Nahual - Aurora
Composed by Oliver Axel Velazquez Romero

12.Sai Seven - Our Independence (origina Mix)
Composed by Johnatan Romero

13.4twenty + Rifhes - Tikal
Composed by Alan Suarez and Ricardo Yañez

14.Dtsculpt - Upnaut
Composed by Daniel Romero Franco

15.Nfunk - Abduction
Composed by Ricardo Valdes

16.O.J.M.S. & Delito - Ccontaminated
Composed by Javier Segura

17.Willow Gp120 - Doubt
Composed by Wilbert Del Valle

18.Michel BT + Anembang + Denvouno - L.E.G.A.L.I.Z.E
Composed by Carlo Michel Becerra Torres

19.Octavio Nava - Obsidia
Composed by Octavio Nava

20.Loudcity - Holy Hallelujah
Composed by Enrique Bolaños